Kino Expo-2019


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  - Shenzhen, Sep 18th, 2019.

On Sep 18th, 2019, the Russian Film Festival Kino Expo was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. As an important stop of "The Belt and Road", GetD and its partners showed up as scheduled.


KINO EXPO is the worlds third largest cinema industry exhibition with the focus on markets of Russia and neighboring CIS (former USSR), alongside with Baltic countries.

Peter Ruan, CEO of Future 3D Tech Group, shared the experience and achievements of “The Belt and Road" . The strategic of“The Belt and Road" is aimed at developing together with belt countries. GetD is committed to the outward development of film and spread of Chinese culture, by demonstrating the strength and technology of China.


Future 3D has always been with you in “The Belt and Road” .

See you all at Cine Asia in Hong Kong.